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The Process

Many people have never been in the position of needing to choose a memorial for their loved one. Our staff will guide you through this process.

Colour & Size

The first step is choosing the colour and size of the memorial. Cemetery rules differ throughout the county, but our staff will inform you.


The next step is choosing the design for the memorial. Lettering style, flowers or religious symbols or a custom design to be engraved.


Once you have finalized the design, a layout of the memorial will be sent to you via email for your approval.

Our Recent Projects

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Our Expert Team

Our staff has been working together for a number of years, and will be sure to give you the memorial you want to remember your loved one.

Jeff Hutchins


Del Ford

Memorial Craftsman

Colleen Hutchins

Office Manager

Colin Hutchins

Memorial Installer

Dustin Hurst

Memorial Installer

Michelle Lettner

Sales Representative

Kristy Hutchins

Sales Representative

Arlena Knelsen

Memorial Installer